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About Kodiak Marine

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Kodiak Marine is a division of Tracy International.  In 1988  Kodiak introduced its first corrosion resistant bait pump for a local California boat manufacturer.

After introducing the first model of bait pump, the model K-2000, Kodiak introduced five smaller bait pumps and in 1991 introduced the first all plastic transom mount bait pump. The KB series of transom mount bait pumps allowed boaters to install a bait pump on their boat without drilling a hole in the bottom of their boat for a thru hull pickup.

The Kodiak Redhead thru-hull and transom mount bait pumps soon became the choice for boats under 28 feet that were looking for a pump for there livewell that did not rust and drew low amperage.

In 1992 the decision was made to enter the bait live well market. The first place to look for insight was what others had done in the past, to ask old salt fisherman and long range fishing boat captains there recommendations on flow, drains and shape. One thing soon became apparent, every one of them had a different idea on how to keep bait alive for a prolonged period of time. Not to become discouraged with all the opinions that existed the decision was made to take another path on research. Contact the real professionals, the people that knew little about fishing or had ever even seen a bait tank.

In 1992 Kodiak started contacting people in the marine aquarium industry and the U.S. Department of Fisheries for their knowledge in the field. Most influential were a team of researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey California. It was there that the importance of using directional water flow and introducing the flow over the entire water column was developed, that is present in every Kodiak Pro Flow made today. Simply put, most bait fish have to swim in order to allow oxygen rich water to flow over there gills to breath. When held in the small confines of a bait tank their swimming velocity is greatly reduced. The Kodiak Pro Flow tank with directional flow compensates for this by directing a gentle flow of water in the tank that the fish can swim into
and receive more oxygen.

Many other features were added to the design before the first two models came on the market in 1993. Today Kodiak makes ten models from 14 to 52 gallons which are sold nationwide through marine chains and independent fishing and marine dealers. Kodiak's history of commitment to quality products and increased customer satisfaction have brought about many innovations in product design and manufacturing. We intend to continue this tradition of quality, efficiency and service, providing increased benefits to our customers for many years to come.

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kodiak marine bait tanks

At Kodiak, we design and manufacture sport fishing and boating products including bait live wells, bait live well accessories, tuna tubes, thru hull and transom mount bait and wash down pumps, electronic airlock sensing devices, thru hull weed screens and marine grade plumbing fittings.

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If having the healthiest, hottest bait for your offshore fishing trip is important to you, depend on Kodiak Marine to keep your bait alive and fresh all day long. Our motto at Kodiak is:

"Don't torture your bait before
you use it."



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